Big Government Involvement In Fantasy Sports Needs To Change

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By Marty Robins August 31, 2016   Strong support for the Libertarian approach of Govs. Johnson and Weld is found not just when the major party candidates open their mouths, but also in an unlikely place, namely ESPN. That’s right, the sports people! In a recent article, OTL investigates the implosion of daily fantasy sports leaders DraftKings and FanDuel. ESPN … Read More

New York lawmakers vote to legalize fantasy sports games

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ALBANY, N.Y. | BY JAMES ODATO Fantasy sports moved a step closer to being legal in New York on Saturday when lawmakers approved the daily and season-long games, clearing a path for FanDuel, DraftKings and others to offer them to millions of players in the state. The multibillion-dollar industry, where players draft fantasy teams for sports including football, basketball and … Read More

Industry-Backed Poll: New Yorkers Want DFS

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From the Morning Memo: A poll paid for by the industry-backed group Fantasy Sports for All found a majority of New Yorkers believe those over the age of 18 should be allowed to play online fantasy sports in the Empire State. The poll, conducted by The Parkside Group of 800 likely general election voters, says 60 percent of those surveyed … Read More

Fantasy Sports Survey Findings

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To: Interested Parties From: The Parkside Group, LLC Date: June 3, 2016 Re: Fantasy Sports Survey Findings At the request of Fantasy Sports for All, The Parkside Group conducted a poll to survey attitudes of New York State voters likely to participate in the 2016 General Election. Key findings of this survey include: 60% of New Yorkers Support Allowing Adults … Read More

New York Fantasy Sports Companies, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and More Urge State Legislature to Pass Fantasy Sports Legislation

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Only Nine Days are Left in the State Legislative Session – and with No Action the Future of Fantasy Sports in New York will Remain in Limbo Today a group including the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Fantasy Sports For All and representatives from New York tech firms and fantasy sports operators held a press conference on the steps of City … Read More

Legislature should act on behalf of fantasy sports

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Cal Spears 1:41 p.m. CDT April 18, 2016 We need legislation in place to protect this hobby and those who play it. Ensuring a level playing field should be a priority.  Legislation should protect player funds and ensure that all prizes are paid out.  Regulations should also protect irresponsible players from themselves, with deposit caps or similar precautions.  The proposed … Read More

Stephen Martino: Md. should follow Virginia’s lead on fantasy sports

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By: Commentary: Stephen Martino April 7, 2016 In state legislatures across the country, bills are moving to establish and clarify consumer protection standards for fantasy sports. The overwhelming majority of these efforts will ensure millions of fans can continue to play fantasy sports, install sensible oversight to protect players and help a growing industry continue to create new businesses and … Read More

Alabama professor: There’s a lot more skill than luck in fantasy sports (opinion)


By Andrew C. Billings As a sports media scholar who has conducted research on fantasy sports play, I find myself fielding quite a few questions from a variety of constituencies relating to the rapid explosion of daily, weekly and season-long fantasy games. Usually, it’s the core question: “Do you think this stuff is gambling?” My response is usually some variation … Read More