Coming soon: A president with experience in the business of sports

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By Bob Hohler on November 10, 2016


President-elect Donald J. Trump, who will arrive at the White House with more experience in the business of sports than any of his predecessors, could exercise his power to shape the future of American athletics.

A three-sport high school star who in the 1960s drew interest from the Red Sox, Trump will take to Washington an insider’s knowledge of operating sports teams and events — wisdom he could tap to address some of the thorniest issues facing professional and amateur athletics.

Brain injuries in sports? In the runup to his stunning victory Tuesday over Hillary Clinton, Trump mocked its severity, differing sharply from the Obama administration.

Online sports gambling? A past thumbs-up from the president-to-be, a departure from much of current federal law.

The embattled fantasy sports industry? Worth saving, he indicated on the stump.

The multibillion-dollar question of how the government regulates telecommunications in sports? Trump could make a difference.

Peter Abraham of the Globe staff contributed. Bob Hohler can be reached at [email protected].

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