Big Government Involvement In Fantasy Sports Needs To Change

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By Marty Robins

August 31, 2016


Strong support for the Libertarian approach of Govs. Johnson and Weld is found not just when the major party candidates open their mouths, but also in an unlikely place, namely ESPN. That’s right, the sports people!

In a recent article, OTL investigates the implosion of daily fantasy sports leaders DraftKings and FanDuel. ESPN discusses at length the legal and business problems encountered by the daily fantasy sports (“DFS”) industry. For the uninitiated, fantasy sports involve participants having a financial stake in the performance of real athletes. One ‘flavor’ involves season long competition while the one most at issue involves efforts on a particular day or other short period.

Note: The author has no connection of any kind to Jason Robins, the CEO of a major DFS company.

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