Students compete and keep in touch through fantasy football

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By Nathan Albrinck on November 7, 2016


On any given Sunday at Dartmouth, the television room in the Collis Center is swarming with two things: New England Patriots fans and fantasy football players. While the Patriots fans celebrate Tom Brady’s most recent superhuman accomplishment, the fantasy football players manically check their lineups for injuries, scrounge for players on the waiver wire and hope they play the right sleeper.

Often in two or three leagues each year, fantasy football transcends the NFL regular season and becomes the fantasy player’s sole obsession for the 16-week season. Here at Dartmouth, fantasy football, like most other sports, takes a back seat to academics. Nonetheless, it is exceedingly important for those who do find the time to play.


Will Tackett is a member of The Dartmouth staff.

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