2 Comments on “FSFA at the NFL Draft”

  1. I’m getting Livid, for fact that I LIVE IN WICHITA, KANSAS, and it’s saying that thru my phone service which is T- Mobile, that is feeding off a Tower In Arlington, Texas. For 2 Days I’ve tried to fix this thru T-Mobile, either they ate to incompetent to do their Jobs, or I will leave their company and go to another Rival company, in which there heads are not stuck up their rear ends…. yes I’m very P.Od right now. This by playing Fan Duel is the only excitement I get out of my day, I take care of my Mother which is not grateful for it in a very depressed Man.can donor phrase Help me, so I can play Fan Duel l.

  2. i think its pretty sad 700,000 people in this state play fantasy sports,and enjoy doing so at their own risk just to get together with friends and have fun relieve stress from the strains of everyday life,and along come one person out of over 6 million alabamians to decide for 700,000 adults when and where they come spend their time and money having good clean fun…Fantasy sports is a game of skill on luck(by the way LUCK isnt really a REAL THING) But have some knowledge of the sport you play….the lottery is not a game of skill,u buy a ticket and hope you win..casinos that INDIANS OWN IN THIS ALABAMA ARENT A GAME OF SKILL, BUT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO OPERATE, REGULATIONS IS NEEDED I AGREE PUT TO USE LAW TO CONTROL THE BEHAVIOR OF GROWN PEOPLE PRIVATE ACTIVITIES IS NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT…HENCE MARTIAL LAW

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