New York’s Fantasy Fraud

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by Opinion / Wall Street Journal The NFL season ended poorly for New York football fans, and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is piling on with new fraud charges in his blitz against fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel. Daily fantasy sports have been operating legally in New York and most states for nearly a decade and attracted such investors as … Read More

Legislature should legalize fantasy sports games

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Youngsters — and those not so young — fantasize about throwing or catching the Hail Mary pass that wins the Super Bowl. Fans fantasize about watching the games from luxury boxes. In South Florida, the hope somehow persists that the Dolphins might make the playoffs: talk about a fantasy.   Read more here.

Daily fantasy sites bring real business to pro sports teams

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Success of FanDuel, DraftKings can be beneficial for clubs such as Browns, Cavs and Indians When LeBron James soars for a highlight-reel dunk at Quicken Loans Arena this season, viewers might notice a FanDuel sign on the padding that lines the basket support. They’ll also see signage for the New York-based daily fantasy sports operator on the court apron, the … Read More

Former Jets wideout Wayne Chrebet is now a pro-level

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LAS VEGAS — At the Brera Ballroom inside the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip on Saturday night, two former NFL players sit about 30 feet away from each other. One is Bo Jackson, the marquee attraction at FanDuel’s World Fantasy Baseball Championship. Jackson, who hosted a home-run derby for the best of the daily fantasy sports … Read More

Dominating Fantasy Sports, One Day at a Time

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Inc. By: Jeff Bercovici Already a billion-dollar company, FanDuel is poised to overtake ESPN and Yahoo and become the biggest player in the game. A professional sports season usually lasts five to eight months, depending on the sport. Why does a fantasy sports competition need to be just as long?   Read more here.

Dream Teams: Professional sports bets on the changing nature of fandom

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The New Yorker By: Ben McGrath In the fall of 1979, while on a flight from Hartford to Austin, the writer Daniel Okrent was struck by an idea for conducting an auction of baseball players—or, rather, baseball players’ names and their future statistics. Nothing fancy: this was before the spread of personal computers and sabermetrics. His notion was that, using … Read More

Why This Fantasy Sports Company Is a Dream Come True for Fans

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Entrepreneur  By: Jason Ankeny FanDuel is fantasy sports on steroids: bigger, stronger, faster. The New York City-based startup benches the familiar season-long league model embraced by millions of fantasy enthusiasts in favor of more lucrative daily and weekly competitions—a model perfectly attuned to the ADD-addled sensibilities of the Millennial generation. Here’s how FanDuel works: Like with fantasy football, baseball and … Read More

Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday

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Sports Illustrated By: Albert Chen Snake drafts and keeper leagues, rinky-dink payouts and dime-store trophies—that’s all so yesterday. The way fantasy sports are increasingly being played, each new morning brings a new chance to cash in. Big-time HIGH NOON at the Cosmo in Vegas, and the eight cinema-scale TVs wrapped around the room flicker like the video screens in Times … Read More